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Ashbridges Bay Animal Hospital

A community Veterinary Hospital in the heart of your neighbourhood

Whether you walk your pup at Monarch Park or relish in the company of your cat from your summer sailboat residence, we’re the friendly neighbourhood vet that’s just around the corner. Nestled in one of East Toronto’s most vibrant communities, Ashbridges Bay Animal Hospital provides extended hours veterinary care to better service the diverse lifestyles of the residents of our slice of the city.

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Ashbridges Bay Animal Hospital News

Cats and water don’t always mix in the friendliest of manners. As self-groomers, cats generally prefer to stay dry in most situations. But in the case of the cat getting extra dirty, sticky, or oily, it may be time to dunk the cat and give them a bath! 1. Have your cat’s nails trimmed to... [Read More]
A cat that becomes overheated in summer can suffer from dehydration, shallow breathing, and can even get heatstroke. Keeping your cat cool is an important part of ensuring that he/she enjoys a safe and happy summer, especially if there’s a heat wave. Keep your cat calm. A cat that is running about too much during... [Read More]
It’s that time of year again!!! Summer hot humid days!!!  Speaking of humidity, you should know that no one feels it more than dogs with short snouts like the Pug, Pekingese, Boston terrier, and Bulldog breeds, categorized as brachycephalic breeds. Our favourite short-nosed, broad headed dogs often experience partial obstruction in their upper airway due... [Read More]

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Ashbridges Bay Animal Hospital

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1392 Gerrard St E, Toronto, ON M4L 1Z4

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Monday to Friday open 8 am-8 pm.
Sat open 9-5
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